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Hence the strut-pro tool. Seal puller Cutlass Bearing Removal Tool . Here is a spare prop shaft and coupler I have and will show the coupler removal. VW strut assembly. 30). There is no contact between the glass and shaft as a cutlass bearing is used. No Shaft, Strut or Rudder Removal. Includes locking pins for additional safety. Depending on bearing location(s) you may be able to slide the shaft aft toward the stern enough to have access to remove the bearing without removing the shaft entirely. Additional features include: 3 Phase AC powered direct from shovel, 10 hp electric motor, 3 GPM 2,800 psi manual hydraulic control system, GVW 6. Strut alignments are complex and require the proper alignment systems. Retain the half-shaft with wire to prevent from over-extension and possible damage to the drive shaft or mechanisms. When The strut extends almost to the level of the hood, where it bolts to the car body at the side of the engine compartment. 50 Torx® bit, and tighten it to 59 ft. 5 inches. 99. Strut Compressor. Tools. 's to free each nut. The Strut will be built with maximum stroke length to allow maximum flexibility when it comes to closed length (i. Don't cheap out - you're saving money by doing it yourself. The tool has a housing, a strut identifier, a microcontroller with an internal memory, a control board, a power source, a motor, a gear box and a rotating shaft and is adapted to engage the adjustment mechanism of the external fixator strut and rotate the adjustment mechanism the preprogrammed direction and amount of turns to adjust the Pre-assembled Guardian(TM) ReadyMount® struts by Gabriel® include the upper strut mount, strut bumper, strut boot, coil spring, spring seat and a Guardian(TM) strut, providing the highest level of quality and performance and does not require special tools or equipment. Propeller Pullers, Propeller Wrenches Get A Prop stocks a large variety of Inboard Propeller Pullers, Volvo Duoprop Tools, Floating Propeller Wrenches, Ski Boat Prop Pullers, Strut Bearing Pullers, and the Propsmith. The proper rear replacement struts were no longer available from Koni, so I made a spacer to adjust the deeper rear strut assemblies to snugly receive the shorter front struts. You can remove and replace front wheel bearing with the steering knuckle and strut assembly still on the vehicle. This strut nut removal tool is designed to allow for easy removal and installation of the top shock retaining nut used on the 85-96. Initially, the strut or bearing is “dry fit. com. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. 50 Torx® bit and tool J 35669, then tighten to 72 ft. In order to safely and efficiently replace your hood support struts, you will need a couple of basic tools. Quick-Strut™ Complete Strut Assemblies by Monroe®. You typically only have to drop the rudder to pull the shaft without removing the strut. If it DOES manage to get bottomed out, you'll have bigger problems than that. While this aspect of shaft alignment is critical, it’s the easy part. Be very, very careful w/ things like vice grips/pliers on the shaft of the strut- you could potentially ruin the strut. 12-Gauge Half Slotted Metal Framing Strut Channel - Silver Galvanized. Noises After Shock/Strut Replacement: Causes. I would remove the coupling bolts first. Loaner Tie Rod Adapter /Saginaw/. Separate the front strut from the knuckle. Miller 9894 Strut Shaft Socket OEM Jeep & Dodge Tool. Whatever you do, don't use an impact Thanks for the response. Remove the strut mounting plate (2). Thios has worked once for me. . shaft. The strut came out in two pieces and then I was able to loosen the nut to remove the remaining piece of mount. $13. The strut can mow be maneuvered out of the wheel well. So even with our camber-caster plates, you might not be able to get to the ideal camber setting with some ride heights or strut brands, as the strut shaft will run into the opening at the strut tower. GM W-Body Strut Tool Kit • ®Includes one T50 TORX bit, a universal drive handle, and a double-ended socket . Replacing Rear Struts in a Datsun 240Z Gary L. Also, if you want a dry bilge, now is the time to get rid of the stuffing box and go with a PSS shaft seal. This allows for an allen key or box wrench to hold the shaft while the nut is torqued to the correct specification. We prefer the exactness of a optical scope alignmentto measure precise misalignment. I've already tried the wood tool that somewhere here suggested but the shaft still spins. It sure looks sketchy, but at the same time, I can see why it works. Cover the strut so it is protected from overspray. 25" from the support of strut/keel/cutlass bearing. Features The filler is not structural. Self lubricating GLIDE Strut Bearings are made of an exclusive polymer compound that is quieter, smoother running, longer lasting and easier to install than traditional brass shaft bearings. Do use a wrench (special tools are also available) to hold the shaft. _____ Attached is a drawing if you're so inclined to make these tools. Thank you for visiting Flex-Strut Inc. • Remove brake hose bracket, stabilizer link, and ABS retainer or nuts from strut, if so equipped. With over 30 years of experience, GSP North America has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer in offering the best coverage for CV axles, Hub Assemblies, Loaded Strut Assemblies, and ATV/UTV Axles for the North American Market. In the event that you are seeking for Boat Strut Boat Parts, you have indeed come to the proper place. Find Shaft Strut on sale here with the biggest selection of Shaft Strut anywhere online. The tool's center bore allows you to hold the strut shaft from turning, using a 7/8 inch (22 mm) hex key and appropriate sized wrench. To aid with the drive shaft installation, A. Provides a safe way to “ shock” tie rod ends loose without risk of damage to nearby . There is a special tool that is used to allow one to torque the top strut nut to spec while allowing the person to hold the shaft from spinning with said tool. Spin the nut on to create the tool for installing the new seal and deflector. This is the proper way to tighten struts but without any special tools. First, loosen the bolts securing the wheel with a lug wrench and lift the car with a . 7. - Dodge Cars & Trucks question 9. Baker, Esq. some caasting companies actually still have them. Seems to me an experienced boat mechanic should be able to do it in under an hour. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day. 5 pound slide hammer. Can be driven by an impact wrench. Clean dust, dirt, or other debris from the wheel housing and strut housing area. Mine shaft tool -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at crosswordnexus. If its not correctly aligned, something will have to give, and whatever that is is likely to be expensive. 00" OD The Algonac Strut Bearing Puller The problem is that the strut tower opening is very small on this chassis (the hole is only 1. 2. We can ship to anywhere in the United States, or to Buy Transmission Seal Tool - BK 7769250 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 580,000 products. The Dual End Shaft Adapter was engineered to accept Paratech LongShore, AcmeThread, or LockStroke products. BMW Tools Special Service Tools for BMW USA Phone: ☎ (615)-735-3388 BMW tools are listed on this page along with BMW tool kit tools that came with BMW cars. There is no doubt that this strut will hold the shaft steady. Strut Sizes - How to Measure a Strut The length of a Gas Strut is determined by measuring from the centre of one mount point (A) to the centre of the other (B) fully opened. Height is adjustable with the 7 holes on the column. ) 10. Otherwise, you can try putting a rag on the underside strut shaft, and locking a set or 2 of vice grips to the shaft really really tight and then wedge them against the inner fender so the shaft doesnt move. the cutlass bearing tool is a hydraulic driven tool for removing and installing the cutlass bearing without removing the propeller shaft, rudder or strut. Batt. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and though I split the strut in half! Does anyone have a Kent-Moore strut tool for tightening the nut on struts while holding the shaft with a hex key? It seems like the Metalnerd tool is widely used. , 4 oz . Transporting passengers. Install strut retaining tool to assure that spring and strut stay aligned during cartridge removal and replacement avoiding serious vehicle damage. lbs. I have no intention of trying to grab the shaft down by where it enters the top seal. • Cover drive shaft boot with a boot protector to avoid damage. Another tool helpful for this job is a false bearing. The tool is a harder metal than that butter they use for the knuckle. Both old and new 2018 Koni insert nuts fit snug w/ a 7/8 socket. like ball joints, control arm bushings, stabilizer bar end links and tie rod ends. The shaft from the shock has a 7mm hex hole so that you can use an Allen wrench to keep the shaft from spinning when you tighten or loosen the nut. HEINTZ EQUIPMENT, LLC 1298 RTE 3A BOW, NH 03304 Strut Compressor Tiger Tool 90102. Home Depot tool rental. Save bolts and nuts for re-use. Remove the front strut assembly from the vehicle. The original prop sat over 6" aft of the hull section holding the shaft. Remove the upper strut mount nut (1), use the CH 49375 wrench . 250" OD - 2. Our strut channel systems are proudly Made in the USA! See our Products page to view our full line of channel framing systems and other products. I've also tried using 4 vise grips on the shaft but it still spins. This technique is easy on the strut and often works well. This process is part of the disassembly and reassembly of the strut unit. Install the spring, the bump stop with a dust boot, all of the washers and the strut mount on a new strut. unscrew allen holding screw on coupler 2. We can also supply custom fabricated gas struts to your specifications. This specially engineered hydraulic chemical additive leaves a protective coating on the strut shaft and allows the seal to expand to its normal size. Install the strut bearing over the spring and install the new strut rod nut to the  If you've put 80000 or more miles on your struts, they're worn out and must be replaced. The boatyard guy is telling me a few hundred bucks to do the job, based on something like a half day's labor, which sounds like way too much to me. Replacing front struts is much easier with our gland nut tool. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. , On Order, ETA Oct 7, 2019 100% guarantee. We have a large range of gas struts for 4WDs, camper trailers and caravans. ). The nuts on these newer strut assemblies are pretty deep down in there and they do sell a special tool to handle it but it is rather expensive. You can use up to a 1/2″ impact. FIGURE 8A FIGURE 8B 12. What links here · Related changes · Upload file · Special pages  Buy OTC 4533 Stinger W-Body Strut Tool Kit for GM: Suspension Tools - Amazon . The Unistrut P2580 is the highest capacity cantilevered strut bracket in the market. at a price. how to remove lower strut bolt it's seized in bushing of 2007 dodge ram 1500 how can you get it out saving bushing. counterhold the strut shaft against an allen wrench on the shock shaft. Loaner Tie Rod End Puller. I own a spark plug socket that I can turn with a wrench and hold the shaft with an hex key. (110 Nm). A: Your new strut spring compressor tool will work by attaching itself, securely, to the second layer of the coil. Skip to content . Remove the stabilizer shaft link nut (1) from the front strut. do you need alignment tool or This item is described as Axle Shaft Tool Kit - B332110 and includes a 2 year (24 month) warranty. Share [ f ] Share this video on Remove the stabilizer shaft link nut (1) from the front strut. How does this tool work? Simply align the tool over both ends of the strut and apply force to the 3/4″ hex drive. Strut pressure, fluid and foam is captured in one tank. Setting the bearings in place, permanently, can be more challenging. We are also a master distributor of Hydra-Zorb cushion clamps, FlexAngle, Gripple Hang-Fast, and Pipe Pier. Those two points create a line and that line is the foundation for the perfect alignment. These come available in most types of suspension setups including beam axle and MacPherson strut style design. It includes all necessary components and is fully assembled. Took about 30 sec. I came across several tools that look like they would work on eBay, but they don't list the size - just a Kent-Moore part number. Strut Compressor . There is no cutting, beating or destruction of any kind. R. I think a general rule of thumb should be if you have the shaft out and the bushings are original, then you should replace them. e. Did you know that even a small nick in the strut shaft can lead to rapid failure of the seals and is not covered under warranty? Use the right tool and prevent costly mistakes. A 22mm deep socket can be used to access the nut, but when turning the nut with the socket the strut shaft will also turn if it is not held in place. It's obvious that the car had a couple of suspension changes before I got my hands on it, and that tool was used as well. High Tech Hydraulic Shaft Carrying Tool Box , Find Complete Details about High Tech Hydraulic Shaft Carrying Tool Box,Jonly Auto Shock Absorber Strut,Jonly Auto Shock Absorber Strut,Jonly Auto Shock Absorber Strut from Other Suspension Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-Foshan Nanhai Jiuli Precision Gas & Liquid Hardware Factory don't just grab the strut with vise grips or any other pliers, you can scratch the surface which can lead to seal failure. Our most popular tool, DMC-1625, is a kit on wheels containing tools to remove propellers, couplings and sleeve bearings 3/4"- 2-1/2" shaft diameter. The instructions then have you use the provided spacers as appropriate to raise the height of the strut shaft above the baseline measurement as much as the car will be lowered. Update: I built the tool Mike described, it would work perfectly with one major problem: the 1/2" drive square hole in my deep socket does not go all the way in, it rounds off and is too small to fit a 1/4" drive extension down in. quite a bit of the old stuff for,owens, chris craaft and other old woodies and early glass cruisers were made for a specific hull. On the driver's side, you can use a suitable pry bar. Install the strut shaft nut using the No. GLENWOOD MARINE -39 (323) 757-3141 STRUTS WHIP STRUT CAST MANGANESE BRONZE This small whip strut should be used when running the flat shaft angles found on most Durant Machine Company, in business for over 50 years, manufactures hydraulic tools for marine propeller removal and cutlass type sleeve shaft bearings. This specialty drive bit is used with your 7/8" or 22 mm socket or box wrench to remove the slotted nuts found on Mk2 struts and 4cyl Mk3 built 1993-mid 1996 cars. Available in a black finish and a nitride shaft and in 195mm to 830mm lengths. a great selection of Shocks, Control Arms & Parts, Tie Rod Ends & Parts, Struts, Compatible With GM Chevy Ford Torsion Bar Unloading Tool Key Removal. Hold the strut with one hand and remove the three 13mm nuts from the top of the strut tower (under the hood) with your other hand. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. 54 $86. Remove the upper strut bolt that you removed the nut from in step 4 and separate the strut from the hub. To eliminate any possible binding while the strut goes through its travel, the top mount features a spherical bearing for mounting the strut shaft. These include new German Sachs/Boge strut inserts, new OEM strut bearings, new USA manufactured heavy duty springs, new strut stops, dust caps, and hardware and come ready to install with only 4 bolts! Kiene Axle Shaft Removal Tool. Laser Tools 5790 Macpherson Strut Expander Tool Set part of the Struts and Dampers range of tools. Lower the vehicle. This world class Strut-Plus™ Complete Strut Assembly by KYB is a real problem solver and time saver. This is a reliable tool for today’s safety-conscious shops that features adjustable and extra strong clamps. com has photos and description of a tool that allows a cutlass bearing to be replaced without removing the shaft or rudder. why spend hours heating and beating the cutlass bearing when you can remove and install without any stress or damage to the strut support or yourself. 4. That said, the forward end of the propeller hub, on a 1. Shop shocks & struts in store or online now! Strut Spring Compressor Hydraulic Automotive Coil + Free Shipping over $89 Jack lift 12-3/4"; Strut shaft clasp can be adjusted to secures the strut during  The strut suspension is an independent front suspension with a lower control arm and The unit may also have a rubber bumper at the top of the strut rod and a  1 Dec 1999 The MacPherson strut is in wide use, but conventional shocks are on hex that fits over the rod onto the nut, followed by a wrench (made to fit  Strange Engineering offers high-performance steering and suspension parts; as well as custom and bolt-in shocks, struts, steering, and springs. Strut Spring Compressors Many think that longevity in a vehicle is only derived from the model and make in question. To torque down the nut you will need a special tool or you'll need to come up with something that works. Coil spring compressor should be securely fixed on the flat ground before use. Visit The Home Depot to buy POWERBUILT Coil Spring Compressor Kit 648603 Works on Double D shape shock shaft stems. The nut is really corroded on the top of the shaft. Clean and return your tools to their appropriate place in your shop or tool kit. This means that if the bracket is still in good condition, you won't have to buy a new one each time you replace a busted shock. The tool’s center bore allows you to hold the strut shaft from turning, using a 7/8" (22 mm) hex key and appropriately sized wrench . ** strut is removed being careful not to dislodge the CV shaft from the inner joint. Fits a wide range of struts - no special adapter shoes are needed. may take a while to get it but its usually avalible. Altogether, you'll find over 3000 different products specifically for aviation maintenance here. Lower green: Vehicle frame or unibody member. Results 1 - 24 of 26 Order Shock & Strut Tools for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. 5 Jetta and Golf with 4-cylinder engines. You will have to remove the coupler from the shaft in order to slide the shaft out the bottom. want to see how the 1" lift works out first. It had a 1" shaft and the tool doesn't fit the 1 1/8" Malibu shaft :-( Only about a week ago I coincidentally became aware of the Strut-Pro and was amazed how similar it is to the one I had. To post questions and to view pictures, you will have to register by clicking here register : Important, Please make sure to add oseforum@offshoreelectrics. You need to hold the piston part of the strut insert, not the strut itself. They I got a cutting wheel and just cut the shaft. Shipyards use a product called Chalkfast, which is a epoxy bonding/filler product, to set the location of the strut. Use supplied fastening nuts to hold retainer in lace. Steeda S550 Mustang Pro Action Adjustable Dampers: 555-8157 Settings and adjustment: Figure 9 In order to adjust the rebound damping in the vehicle, either in the front or the rear of the car, you will notice an adjustable valve is located at the top of the strut shaft. $29. Essentially, a MacPherson strut is a tube sliding in a shaft and combines the functions of upper suspension arm and shock absorber into one unit. Started working the tool very slowly and about 1/4" through and seeing the old Cutless bearing peeking out there was this ungodly loud popping noise. Tokico’s product warranty does not cover problems resulting from damage to the strut shaft, so you will need to use good boots. 95. Was pretty simple to hook up to the shaft and assemble. 12-point Fwd Axle Nut Socket Set 8pc. 8" diameter). The MacPherson strut is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a . 38. If you are a marine repair facility you will benefit greatly from one of Strut Pro's complete kits to handle a variety of sizes. Heavy-duty steel construction offers strength and security other strut removal tools only dream of. Use a wire brush to remove loose rust in the area shown with dashed line. Easy to use parts catalog. Tools 5/8" wrenches 3/16" allen wrench 1 1/16" or 1" socket 13/16" socket 1. The stock boots fall apart quickly and are very expensive (~$120/set). C $20. The spring is compressed (using the spring compressor tool) enough to release the tension on the upper mount, allowing the mount nut to be removed and the strut assembly disassembled. SHSBPULLER $199. Refilling the hydraulic system is rarely necessary. . most cast parts that are load bearing dont weld or braze well. This website is owned, managed, and maintained by Unique Truck Equipment as an authorized distributor of Kiene Diesel Accessories. Since 1981, family owned and operated Northern Tool + Equipment has become an industry leader, offering expertly chosen power tools, hand tools, generators, pressure washers, heaters, power equipment and more! The slide hammer design A. com Welcome to Trailer Parts Direct - the leading supplier of quality gas struts in Australia. Simply place the adjustment knob inside the slot of the provided adjustment The bend will likely be happening at the base of the strut tube, and all of the "strut" parts of the strut are on the shaft, which is almost never bottomed out. The key thing is you want the shaft to be roughly centered in the hole in the hull PRO SERIES STRUT SERVICE TOOL The Pro Series Strut Service Tool has all the great attri-butes of the original Strut Service Tool, with the addition of a dual tank and dual check valve design. Re: Inexpensive strut tool alternatives for MkIV (phatvw) 10-20-2008 05:55 PM #22 I used a 21 deep socket (sears) and using a bench grinder, ground away about 1/3 of the circumference (making a large slot on the side - longer along the axis of the socket) starting about 1/2 inch from the socket end and going up about 1 to 1. Since we know the strut is aligned to the shaft log, it follows that if we support the shaft in the center of the log, and support the other end of the shaft in the strut with a new cutlass bearing, the shaft will be in the correct position to align the engine to. New Coil Spring Compressor 3 Ton Auto Strut Hydraulic Tool. 90. Took only a few minutes. For 1995-96 vehicles, tighten the shaft nut to 81 ft. For 1”, 1 1/8”, and some 1 1/4” strut bearings. This would indicate that the shaft isn't parallel to the bore of the strut. 3. strutpro. Install the strut shaft nut, using a No. Failing strut mounts can cause poor drivability, noise, and in extreme cases can cause damage to the strut shaft. The only method I've had any luck with is doing a very tight wrap on the shaft with duct tape - several layers. If you are opting to save money by working on your car yourself, it is a very wise investment to have the proper tools. On this side, the half shaft inner joint has a groove where you can pry to separate the shaft from the transaxle. I don't know that there is an expected "life" for the strut bushing, but probably has more to do with conditions like speed and shaft alignment or wobble. This week's tool is the Powerbuilt Strut Spring Compressor Tool. The tool’s center bore allows you to hold the strut shaft from turning, using a 7/8" (22 mm) hex key and appro-priately sized wrench. Bilstein® Rod Guide Insert Tool (E4-MTL-0009A00). That being said, . A website at www. Have a machine shop turn you out a sleeve to go over your prop shaft and fit inside the sturt. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. With Strut-Pro ® Bearing Replacement Tools this process goes a whole lot smoother since there is no removal of the propeller shaft, strut or rudder. Reattach strut extension rod and extend the shaft, then remove the extension rod. Here is the OEM disassembled: LAD Suspension Rebuilding the Strut. The 15X strut pump is able to boost air or nitrogen to 2250psi The average cost for a strut bearing replacement is between $184 and $223. Fits 1-1/4'' shafts & equivalent to BIND, KIBBLE, CHOGSET, BIRD, KIDNAP, CHUB, BITE, KIDNEY, CROAKER, BLOW bearings. Using this tool kit assures that the new shock or strut warranty is not voided due to the use of an impact tool (using an impact tool on the nut can result in breaking the shock/strut shaft). The problem is that the strut tower opening is very small on this chassis (the hole is only 1. shaft and thread the 19mm retaining nut onto the end of the strut shaft. I can only guess that some part of the cutless bearing tool was not cleanly and squarely on the strut, and it was pulling/pushing the shaft and strut out of alignment??? It's a royal pain the take the aft water tank out, but I would do so just to check the nuts/bolts under the tank holding the strut in place. then use vise grips. The CV shaft can easily be pulled out from the inner joint. Shaft Bearings . A mechanical bearing installation tool made using a length of threaded rod and two sections of aluminum plate. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Shaft Strut for your automobile Quality Auto Parts, New, Used and Recycled Auto Parts For Sale The DB-8000-XL air operated strut compressor is designed to aid in replacing struts, springs and strut assembly components. The fancy socket there is a 13/16″ Sparkplug socket with the rubber insert removed. I can't find the right combination of tools to get it done though. Strut Bearing. But the later is double the thickness in both width and cross-sectional area, with a substantiallly wider base. Remove the strut cartridge retaining nut using Tool Discounter, Offers great prices on automotive diagnostic tools, auto tools, scan tools, hand tools, freon recover shop equipment with weekly special items at deep discounts. prevent debris from entering the drive shaft joint. Put tape over the threads on the shaft and grease it so it slides easily through the dripless shaft seal. I have absolutely no idea why that would happen when changing your cutless bearing. A slight modification to a 22mm socket in combination with some other common tools will allow you to complete this task without the special BMW tool. Was: Previous Price C $40. There is a shouldered area near the top of the shaft, below the thread area, that is designed   Products 1 - 60 of 106 For easier removal and application of shocks and struts, choose our heavy-duty and highly efficient shock/strut tools available at reasonable pries. The ball head of each joint of Ball and Trun-nion Type, is an integral part of the tubular Save big when you order Johnson Duramax marine brass cutless bearings from Deep Blue Yacht Supply. We offer the lowest prices on all Naval Brass and Non-metallic cutlass bearings, and can ship them to over 140 countries worldwide. SET Nitro Prop Strut Shock Spring Tool box Lid Shaft Rod REPL Knaack KN 977-2PK. A 4-wheel alignment is recommended after any steering/suspension repairs are performed. Weighing in at 30 pounds, this steel powerhouse is big and bombproof. Cal. As a rule, to replace the strut itself, the coil spring has to be compressed with a special tool before you can separate it from the strut and the strut mount. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. 10. A boat owner who wants to be prepared for unknown circumstances, however, can order the tool assembly for just his or her particular shaft and bearing size. Bearing Down on Shaft Bearings: Removing and replacing this key component in your boat’s drivetrain assembly takes care and persistence. Anybody know a link to get this tool and or a picture of what it looks like. Do it right with the right tools. This tool comes as a set which includes the strut compressor extractor, yokes, and other items, all housed in a carrying case that’s blow-molded. I can only guess that some part of the cutless bearing tool was not cleanly and squarely on the strut, and it was pulling/pushing the shaft and strut out of alignment??? The strut in photo at right carries the same size shaft and prop, both on a 40' boat. Optional nuts for 7/8" and 1 3/4" shaft available. 9. I reckon they stole my idea! Anyway, yes, with a similar tool, it is certainly possible to remove and fit the bushes by only removing the propeller. Yes, I plan to reuse the shock. With this tool on hand, you can cut your new shocks' installation time in half! Another great trait of an aftermarket shock absorber removal tool is that a good-quality tool won't strip the threads on your shock bracket. Individual Kits: (Part Number 00121NAME) Boat owners around the world have found tremendous benefits in owning a Strut-Pro ® tool assembly for their boat. Filthy Motorsports is an authorized ORI Struts dealer and has the parts, tools,  Some helpful tools you want to keep handy are: Kit specific tools suggested: Spring compressors Tighten ball joint down, the tie rod end and the strut bolt. The pain stems from the strut shaft spinning as you tighten the nut, resulting in zero tightening. GRANVILLE’S STRUT SEAL Landing gear strut packing seals shrink due to fluctuating weather conditions and age. Koni's don't. $135. Strut top bolt problem performance & modifications. Easy Find! ITEM # or KEY-WORD SEARCH DEPARTMENTS Minderman Algonac Pullers for Propellers, Shafts & Strut Bearings, In Stock, Low Prices, Quick Delivery Algonac Model A & B Prop Pullers Algonac Propeller Shaft Puller Algonac Strut Bearing Puller 800-313-6025 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OTC 4533 Stinger W-Body Strut Tool Kit for GM at Amazon. However, more skilled automobile aficionados understand that keeping a vehicle for a long period of time is much more related to administering proper repairs and maintenance. 22. But I too fear some of the possible failures mentioned with that tool. ATD Tools ATD8628 1/2 Dr. Features plastic moulded end cap to eliminate damage of the strut shaft during use . Use the tools the professionals do! NOTE: Before ordering a strut nut socket for your vehicle, measure to double check the right one is being ordered. Completely and liberally coat the strut I have the Metalnerd spreader tool for the front bore that receives the lower shaft of the strut. without holding the hood up by hand or with a prop rod. Galvanized Threaded Electrical Support Rod  Shop Tiger Tool for heavy duty truck and vehicle tools. Bartlett has performed over 1,500 successful optical alignment procedures working at yacht and ship builders and repair yards since 1998. Only if the strut housing panel is separated as show in  Buy tools online at Halfords, with a wide range of hand and power tool equipment in stock, alongside tool storage and accessories. 271 sold. Yes, the strut can be aligned by using flat washers to shim the base to the hull. This isn't just another way to strike the axle-shaft. 8. Product Benefits: Provides the right tool for the job RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Thats just asking for trouble If the shaft were to get a knick in it the whole strut could wind up in the garbage. Also tried a 7 mm hex key in the top of the shaft but it is too corroded to use. Diameters are precision fitted to the shaft size with correct clearance for efficient water lubrication. But the later is double the thickness in both width and cross-sectional area, with a substantially wider base. The same holds true for shafts with double struts. Makes easy work of changing struts, springs and strut components. Complete with tubular style adjustable top mounts and bearings, the kit also includes two wrenches and all necessary tools for adjustments and assembly. I have press brakes at my disposal. VW and Audi Strut Nut Socket This 1-3/4" long socket is built for VW and Audi FWD cars in which the top shock-retaining nut is recessed inside the strut tower. Your order  Laser Tools 5791 Clamp for Strut Insert Pistons part of the Struts and Dampers internal springs (tension stop springs) that pull the strut shaft partly into the strut. The Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool from Strutpro This will cause increased wear on the upper seals and in turn cause a hydraulic fluid leak from the shock or strut. The 1/2" drive opening allows 3/8" extension to pass through it and a 6 point 10 mm socket can be inserted on the extension as shown to hold the rod steady. Wait until the car is on the ground to torque the retaining nut. Please have a VW tool number when you contact us. Sold by Tool Box Supply. Use a ratcheting wrench or socket/ratchet to loosen the strut mount nuts  18 Oct 2017 15) Disassemble the strut and install the new lowering springs. x 10 ft. All of the most common wear parts are included so you’ll not only save installation time, your vehicle’s ride and handling will be restored for optimal performance. However I would like to know the price for a new shaft strut and bearing. It's similar to a prop puller and can even be used underwater. With both of the front struts and springs assembly’s removed it is then necessary to remove the spring from the strut by the means of a spring compressor. The basis of a proper geometrical alignment starts with a fixed line that runs from a point in the center of an aft strut though a point in the center of an intermediate strut or shaft log. But there is a tool for this. This tool was designed for turning the valves on adjustable damping struts when SPC Adjustable Strut Mounts are used on BMW, Mini Coopers and new Nissan 240SX kits. ORI STX Struts are now in stock and include free shipping, free misalignment Improved lower rod end rebound adjustment assembly for better rebound tuning. When the old unit is being disassembled, the shock/strut piston rod is fully extended due to the spring’s extension force. Prop shops usually do this or someone with a press. A strut bearing failure can Strut Pro Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool / Puller Affordable, Damage Free Strut Bearing Replacement. Lower purple: Radius rod. Shaft/Strut Bearing Puller makes quick work of removing single-taper and double-taper drive shafts. Strut Assembly: Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco 75-84 - Front. Open the hood. Can be used with 1/2" or 5/8" OD shaft diameters. In order to do that, I made yet another special tool - a shaft support bushing. UNIVERSAL JOINTS AND PROPELLER SHAFT UNIVERSAL JOINTS Two types of Universal Joints are used on 1956 Chrysler Models and are as follows: The Cross Type, as shown in Figure 1, and Ball and Trunnion Type, as shown in Figure 2. 028" seems like a considerabal amount of play. Not enough stud threads visible to install or tighten the upper mounting nut. McPHERSON STRUT TOOL STRUT SPRING COMPRESSOR LISLE 62300 BRAND NEW! Self lubricating GLIDE Strut Bearings are made of an exclusive polymer compound that is quieter, smoother running, longer lasting and easier to install than traditional brass shaft bearings. Clean, foam-free fluid is drawn back into the Remove coil springs from off-vehicle struts safely and easily with this patented coil spring compressor tool. The longer service hose makes it easy to attach. How to reduce the time it takes to replace a worn strut bearing by up to 90% and never have to remove the propeller shaft with Strut-Pro®. ” strut tower . Next, install a 10 mm socket onto hex on end of strut shaft. One Spacer Bushing is required on top of the spherical bearing, underneath the strut top retaining nut. Follow. I would do all the prep work to remove the shaft as follows. In this description of rear strut replacement, I installed Koni adjustable struts. the duct tape (ideally) will have enough grip on the shaft to allow you to tighten it. Any automotive specialty tool will help make Toledo Gas Strut Shaft Support Tool is available at Total Tools. Algonac Strut Bearing Puller The Algonac Strut Bearing Puller eliminates the removal of the strut from the boat or the hard pounding or sawing of the old bearing. powered impact wrench/gun just $14 for 4 hrs @ any So. , w/ wire diameters of 7/16" to 11/16". Over tightening and under tightening can lead to premature part failure. , not the removal and installation of the strut to the car. They allow users to service components without replacing entire strut units. You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. you will be able to have the smallest closed length Strut Clamps - Arm Type, P Selectable of MISUMI, Check out the variety of configurable, Strut Clamps - Arm Type, P Selectable of MISUMI,MISUMI has other mechanical components, Press Die, and Plastic Mold products available. You can also use and impact wrench or grab the shaft of the strut with vice grips, since   3/4” combo wrench, BMW ST strut nut socket 21mm (90-88-6-31-2-210) Place upper tool arm press cup on top of tie-rod bolt end; Insert arm as far in as  Loaner Strut Spring Compressor. Generally there are undoubtedly a great deal of places to purchase from online, though you have indeed chosen our website and we value that highly. I tried drilling out the shaft where it enters the nut. A bent shaft can occur as a result of damage during shipment, rigging, or operation. The shaft will clear the rudder once you have the strut off. Boat owners around the world have found tremendous benefits in owning a Strut-Pro tool assembly for their boat. (33 Nm). While most shops other than dealerships would not have a stock of specific GM tools and fixtures, there are "universal" tools for the job. Select the appropriate Paratech strut, extension, or extension converter with base for the applica-tion and insert it tube end down into the Dual Shaft End Adapter. Allows easy removal of slotted inside strut mount bearing. Figure 7 Figure 8 1. Strut Shaft Spacer kit for Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates When you drop your spacers and they roll away underneath your workbench, this kit contains all the replacement spacers needed to position both strut shafts relative to the spherical bearings. So how hard is it really to pull out and replace a cutlass bearing in a stern tube? The bearing itself is about $75. This heavy duty bracket is 35% STRONGER than competing brackets! More About P2580. My boat is an older Ski Nautique with a 13 13 prop. The innovative, built in Dual Shaft End Adapter (patent pending) allows users to safely use PARATECH LongShore, LockStroke or AcmeThread Struts and  Suspension strut with piston rod / piston Ø [mm]. In this kind of setup the flex cable is welded to the prop shaft and held onto the engine by a compressing collet at the engine's output shaft. Strut Pro Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool / Puller - Repair Yard Kits Quick, Damage-Free Strut Bearing Replacement. With the focus on improving alignment practices, the SKF Shaft Alignment Tool, TKSA 41, is one of the industry’s best value alignment solutions. Torque the strut to spindle bolts to 155ft-lbs. The nut on the top of the front strut bolt is 21mm. Transporting goods. The standard puller accommodates shafts from 1" through 1 1/2". And another deep socket that has an entire side cut out allowing Allen wrench access. E. This innovative replacement strut comes complete and ready to install. Turn the socket with the flats on the outsised using a wrench, in this case 7/8″ Now the tricky parts is using the 1/4″ drive 6 point socket […] Replace Struts on a 2000-2007 Toyota Highlander. 74. OTC 7707 - VW Strut Nut Socket: VW/Audi Strut Nut Socket. Using air tool and blasting down on it can cause over tightening. Special  15 Sep 2016 The hood support struts hold up the hood of your vehicle. 20/30 or 22/32 . These tools are designed to cut Uni-Strut, Flexi-Strut & Burndy Strut with ease as well as custom strut profiles per customers request. Strut shaft nut torque for KW coilover kits: M8 = 25Nm (18  TIP: To remove and replace a cutlass bearing with the shaft still in place I strongly advise using a Strut-Pro Tool. Using a laser or sighting tool, an installer can, with a great deal of accuracy, position one or more bearings along the sight line. Danny, you can grab the strut shaft by hand in the wheel well to keep it from spinning if the impact gun by itself does not loosen it. 42. The alternative, and one that is frowned upon, involves using a mallet to drive the bearing into the strut. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY OTC 7544 24mm Strut Rod Nut Socket $65. Weight: 4 ounces Inboard Boat Shaft & Strut Bearing Tool Back. We also offer the lowest prices and best service on all Duramax flanged and Stave bearings. Light blue: Steering gear tie rod or track rod. (sample products, tools). The shaft nut is torqued to 55 ft/lb and you partially compress the strut to do the job correctly. I replaced the strut bushings a few years back on my 97 Ski Nautique and I chose to buy the shaft removal/strut bushing removal tool from Skidim so I didn't have to remove the strut. 36” is a good length for this job. It is constructed of chrome-plated steel and features a 3. Thin shelled units are available for struts of small craft. Strut Tool by Specialty Products®. Shop Tiger Tool for heavy duty truck and vehicle tools. or Best Offer. For more information, please contact us at 877-639-9648 and our BMW experts will be happy to assist. Loosely install retaining nut on strut shaft. Prop Wrench How to install a new Prop Shaft Strut Bushing If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Shaft straightening methods, when properly applied, can sometimes be used to salvage damaged shafting. The strut in photo #3 carries the same size shaft and prop as in #2, both on a 40' boat. We provide the most competitive quotes for your desired NSN parts in just 15 minutes. Pair of new complete front strut and coil assembly springs. VW strut tool. This Schwaben Strut Nut Socket Set - 5 Piece (Mfg#003046SCHKT) fits Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche, Volkswagen. Made in U. No. I did have to remove the rudder and uncouple from the transmission. 5" shaft, should be no more than 2. Having anticipated the dreaded leaky rear strut problem for some time, I aquired an old set of struts that had come off of an E32 of unknown model and vintage. FWIW the 3 upper strut mount bolts - 15mm - are torqued to 33 ft/lb, and the strut-to-knuckle bolts are 108 Propeller Shaft Alignment – Forward Alignment Approach. lace alignment marks on the upper strut mount, isolator, spring, strut body and lower coil seat for reference when the strut is reassembled P (Fig 9A, B, and C). A strut alignment begins with the alignment analysis. I would suggest replacing the strut bushings since you will have everything apart. OTC 6494 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor Featires Servicing MacPherson struts is more convenient & affordable when this tool is in your shop. 90 shipping. com to your safe senders email list. Remove and replace struts safely and easily with this patented strut coil spring compressor tool. Tool compresses springs of 4" to 9" O. Because of the different variables involved, shaft bend correction can be as much an art as a science. More Options Available 3/8 in. 7707 – VW / Audi strut nut socket. Install the strut cover while aligning scribe marks and torque the bolts to 24 ft. I do plan on replacing the shock and spring, but not for maybe 30,000 miles. Some tasks may be nearly impossible to perform without the specific tool designed to assist you in the process. Check E-coat for rub through. I think there is a special tool for this-- you can get it at Elbert's. Auto Hand Tool For Strut Nut Socket For VW AUDI ; This socket is built for VW and Audi FWD cars in which the top shock-retaining nut is recessed inside the strut tower; The tool's center bore allows you to hold the strut shaft from turning, using a 7/8" (22mm) hex key and appropriately sized wrench Re: Owens shaft strut if its cracked scrap it. The original mounting stud nut does not thread correctly or damages the new KYB shock/strut upper mounting stud threads. Strut mount replacement on a BMW 5 Series like the BMW 535i is essential to the balance of steering and suspension. I can only get a socket and have no way to hold the shaft still unless I were to use vise grips on the shaft. Welcome to Aircraft Tool Supply Company. Loaner Torsion Bar Tool  Actuators · Bearings · Shafts · Shaft Collars · Acme Threaded Rods · Shock . For example, Kent-Moore J-42991. Thanks again. U bolts securely attach tool to spring during operation for maximum safety. Story written by Gavin Ligget Document history: # 28 Mar 2003 few minor layout modifications by Sean750 # 25 Mar 2003 initial version. Upper purple: Coil spring. offers a couple of special tools, although the job can be done without these tools. Get the best deal for Trailer Gas Struts from the largest online selection at eBay. We offer a plethora of Shaft Strut for your vehicle needs. Install Strut Nut Wrench (on end of a torque wrench), Special Tool 6864, on strut shaft retaining nut (Fig. The slide hammer design A. This shift shaft bushing tool replaces OE # 91-31107 and GLM # 90140. 25 tons (5. Marine Propeller Pullers, Shaft Puller, Prop Knockers, Prop Smith, Tools for Propeller Removal Strut Puller 1. Buy the Toledo 301276 Gas Strut Shaft Support Tool at Tools Warehouse with AFTERPAY or ZIP MONEY! Click & Collect or FREE SHIPPING over $99* Stainelec no supply the Kamekura M-400 manual, M-40L electric & M-40LB cordless hydraulic strut cutters for the construction and electrical industry. posted by zaliti27. Strut fasteners and bedding do not required repair because there is no pressure applied to any other area other than the strut. push coupler away from vdrive and insert 1 or 1 1/16 socket and loosen coupler shaft bolt Welcome to Trailer Parts Direct - the leading supplier of quality gas struts in Australia. On many vehicles with strut-type suspension designs, the front struts (which include the springs and shock absorbers) are mounted with bearings Shaft size Tube size 6mm 8mm 10mm 14mm 15mm 18mm 21mm 28mm To calculate the size and the force of the Gas Strut you require for your application use the following guidelines. Before I do the Vue I’m gonna get the tool first. Vessel shaft, strut, engine, and bearing aligment Michael H. The 15X Strut Pump was designed for high pressure output. 5 x the diameter of the shaft. The extended length of the Gas Strut should be approximately 60% of the door or hatch length - Strut spring compressors help to safely compress and hold strut springs when disassembling struts and replacing shock absorbers. Tighten the nut to the specified torque using a torque wrench and backing wrench. And a long shafted 7mm Allen wrench. Wt . Once a strut is removed from a boat it is a major repair and should only be left to the specialist and professionals in this field. Tool works great and was a needed accessory when changing my shocksalthough I first used the wrong end of tool and broke off tip of shock and was able to break rod off to remove. It is a pressure multiplier pump that is used to pressurize aircraft landing gear struts, and other high pressure applications. This alignment technique uses a laser mounted in the region of the propeller and projects a laser reference beam forward. How to Replace Struts and Strut Mounts on a Saab 9-3 (GM) Several months ago I replaced the front struts on a 2004 Saab 9-3 Arc. TOLEDO Gas Strut Shaft Support Tool. Buy reliable cutless bearings for your marine applications! Back-Support Belts Ball Transfer Material Support Stands Cable Support Grips Door Support Stays Duct Support Arms Lid Support Brackets Lumbar Support Belts Material Support Stands Pipe for Pipe Supports Pipe Support Blocks Ridgid 775 Support Arms Shaft Support Rails Strut Channel Support Bases Support Arms Support Blocks Support Braces Support Aircraft model Description Part number ATA chapter; A300: Wheel Chocks 24" DCM1506: 10: A310: Wheel Chocks 24" DCM1506: 10: A318: Wheel Chocks 12" DCM1536: 10: A319: Wheel Chocks 12" The slide hammer design Shaft/Strut Bearing Puller removes single-taper and double-taper drive shafts. Discover Shaft Strut on sale right here with the biggest option of Shaft Strut anywhere online. The Goplus MacPherson Interchangable Strut Spring Compressor is an essential tool for performing repair and replacement applications on your vehicle. While holding strut shaft from turning, tighten strut shaft retaining nut to a torque of 115 Nm (85 ft. Labor costs are estimated between $142 and $181 while parts are priced at $42. Putting the new strut in the spring and tightening the nut was a breeze considering what I did to get it out. The Shaft Puller/Strut Bearing Puller also removes and installs strut bearings without removing the strut. This is an aluminum clamp that won't harm the chrome finish. Compressor jaws are held in place by safety locking pins. Click to view Body Model Lookup List *To minimize the tools necessary to service Chrysler Group vehicles, this usage information is subject to change as vehicles and components are released or updated. D. While there are some commercial tools  There is a special tool for that nut and some auto part stores rent them out. Once the shaft is removed you can remove the existing bearing. Loaner Tie Rod End Separator. (Careful the hub will fall if not supported. 16) Reinstall Use a tie rod end removal tool to pop the end from the knuckle. It appears that the strut shaft has a recess and that a torx? hex? square? driver is inserted into the strut shaft to prevent rotation as the 24mm strut shaft nut is removed. If you do it yourself you should replace the coupler bolts and nylock nuts. The question I guess is "do I fear the strut-pro tool more than I fear popping the coupler off the shaft and later having to heat it to put it back on (underneath the transmission/v-drive). I previously found 22mm strut sockets on Google but never found one that was 21mm. I know you can use vise grips and protection to grab the strut shaft in order to turn the top nut down to spec. For help in finding the correct Volkswagen tool number, we recommend the [B] Bentley Publishers workshop manuals. This picture is of the new shaft seal and tool 205-883. Discover Shaft Strut on sale here with the biggest option of Shaft Strut anywhere online. Results 1 - 12 of 12535 Find the spare parts that you need for your car or enterprise in no time at all. Image courtesy of ClearMechanic. When compressing springs, the strut spring compressor can help to keep the mechanical energy of the spring contained. The stuffing tube that holds the flex cable runs all the way from the inside of the boat to the back of the strut or drive. Marine Alignment, Inc. Also, bronze struts often require a shim to achieve the right shaft angle. Caster: [Editor] Caster is adjusted by replacing the control arm strut rod. Easily removes inboard boat drive shafts and strut bearings. Low Price Guarantee and Free Delivery on orders above $99. Since the flex cable and prop shaft are one piece, there is no use of ferules. Supports and locks onto gas strut shafts to enable worn gas strut to be fixed in the extended position during service ; Suitable for all gas struts on bonnets, boots or hatchbacks by clamping and locking to the shaft of the The SPEEDWAY 23-piece Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Adapter Puller Pulley Tool Kit with case accommodates both domestic and imported front wheel drive cars and trucks. • Valuable Tool for Transmission Shops, Garages, Tire Shops and Body Shops • Shim Included in Kit to Fill Larger Gap Found on Some Vehicles • Applies Even Pressure to Both Sides of Shaft • Safer and Surer Than a Pry Bar StrutTamer Extreme SKU 112537 74999 6591 • Handles Heavier Springs Found on Mid- and Some Full-Size Truck Strut My strut isnt too bad and I can probably straighten it if I remove it from the boat. It’s a true axle-shaft puller. remove 5/8" coupler bolts 3. A Another consideration is that a composite strut can be glassed directly to the hull eliminating fasteners and potential leak points. You also have to be careful not to spin the shaft- this can raise havoc w/ the seals. (1) Very high quality MADE IN THE USA Slotted strut nut removal tool. Compresses Strut and Coil Springs, 2" rod  Do use a wrench (special tools are also available) to hold the shaft. ¾” threaded rod x 36”lg ¾” nut to fit threaded rod Find this at a hardware store. This strut will hold the shaft very steady, and because of this, correct engine/shaft alignment is much more critical. Places no stress on the strut, requires no banging away, etc. The ergonomic display unit with intuitive touch screen navigation makes your alignments fast and easy, whilst innovative features, like the “free measurement”, increase the alignment performance. An old 13/16-inch spark plug socket fits fine. No impacts, please. 0. Luckily, I still had the old struts laying around so I bolted them back up and measured the height of the strut shaft. Once firmly attached using the claws available on your coil compressor, you can compress or expand your spring until it is at the safe, desired level and can easily be removed or restored. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term. There is a shouldered area near the top of the shaft, below the thread area, that is designed for use with a wrench. Browse Strut Cross Shaft P parts like 404675, 404675 and many more. The way to tighten it is to somehow get a tool on the nut and a socket on the top part of the shaft to hold it in place while you tighten the nut. I am unable to tighten the top strut nut because I cannot get a wrench on their. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Page 2: Samstag Sales stocks a wide range of special service tools for repair work on VW and Audi cars. They can also be bent or twisted back to normal. Axle Shaft Tools include Axle Shaft Pullers and axle nut sockets by Tiger Tool. I have a 99 Grand Am I am trying to replace the struts on. Completely and liberally coat the strut The Swing Shaft Changer is designed to be moved with fork style equipment and features a track drive system for final positions. 1. 7 MT). S. Strut Channel · Pipe Hangers · Tool Balancers · U-Bolts · Eyebolts · Cable Ties  26 Apr 2017 VW tool #3186 is not recommended if using aftermarket struts since . The tool kit includes 10 shock shaft adapters and 7 shock nut sockets to fit all BMW and MINI applications, as well as most other makes and models. It gets really fun when you have two strut as most big boats do. The struts were shot and I skimped on replacing any of the other components as they seemed to “look” ok. I have seen tool VW524, a socket with two nibs 180 degrees apart. Bent Shaft Straightening. I believe the maximum distance a shaft should be left unsupported is 1. Another type common type of strut used in air suspension is an air strut which combines the shock absorber with an air spring and can be designed in the same fashion as a coilover device. If this is the case, you can replace the rear shocks, but the front struts are better ring welded to them for a bolt to pass through or an exposed rod that is threaded. If you don't have the tools to replace the rear bushing, you can inexpensively replace  10 Jan 2012 Use an abrasive tool or scraper to remove rust. 7707 – VW / Audi strut nut socket . They actually have a tool for this you may be able to rent from you parts store. that pulls the strut shaft partly into the strut; We carry the entire line of Johnson Duramax marine cutless bearings. This laser reference beam passes through the strut tube or cutlass bearing, the stern tube, support bearings, if any, and to the engine or reduction gearbox. If you are removing the passenger's side strut, use special tool number J-33008 from General Motors or an equivalent drive axle puller to separate the half shaft from the transaxle. after figuring out the correct fitting end to use it worked very well and cut my install time in half! When change out the struts on your car, one of the biggest pains is tightening the top strut nut. Products 1 - 25 of 49 Loaner tools at Pep Boys are the perfect option for infrequent jobs. , Patent Attorney. Strut Boots - unless your boots are nearly brand new, they’re probably junk. Order yours today! Disconnect the shaft from the gearbox and remove the shaft from the vessel. Samstag Sales can provide BMW tools specified for your tool kit, some of which have BMW lettering. Yellow: Tubular housing containing shock absorber or damper. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Or you can also use channel grips and a rag to hold it steady. Make sure the LockPin is properly engaged. Just enough for a zinc! Over-tightening the upper strut shaft mounting nut causes damage. These Naval Brass Sleeve Bearings adapt equally well to strut and stern tube mounts, and often used effectively as rudder-stock and pintle bushings. Just secure the end of the innovative compressor tool in a bench vise, slide the strut into position between the compressing plates, fasten the safety pins into place and compress the spring by tightening the plates with a 1/2" drive tool or impact wrench. 1 3/4 inch long socket is built for VW and Audi FWD cars in which the top shock-retaining nut is recessed inside the strut tower. ** DO NOT LOOSEN THE NUT DIRECTLY ABOVE THE SPRING, WHICH IS ON THE TOP OF THE PISTON SHAFT, UNTIL THE SPRING IS COMPRESSED BY THE COMPRESSION TOOL!!! secure the strut shaft to the C/C plate with the strut top retaining nut. (80 Nm). The FSM shows, on upper page 3-40, use of a socket to hold the strut shaft from turning as it is removed from the upper mount (after mount and strut are removed from car). The floating swivel prevents damage to the shaft ends and the yoke is . currently 90,000 on the stock shocks and they seem fine for now. It will stop strut leaks and is an excellent lubricant and corrosion preventative. It removes and installs the shift shaft bushing on Alpha One Generation I sterndrives and some Mercury outboard gearcases. (98 Nm) for vehicles through 1994. CTA (Price/SET)Cta CTAA446 Volvo Strut Nut Skt Tool 2Pc Set. B/4 the previous post, in PP tools found Schwaben strut tool that holds the shaft if top hole fits an allen wrench. Shop in our online store for rivet guns, riveting kits, sheet metal tools, inspection equipment, aircraft engine tools, and other specialty aircraft tools. strut shaft tool

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